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CMCS Increases Innovation Strategies Through Project Management Training


A few weeks ago, 13 members from CMCS took part in a two-day Project Management workshop conducted by Dr. Jon Padfield from Proffer Brainchild Inc. The workshop used a series of fun and relevant group exercises to demonstrate some powerful project management tools such as stakeholder analysis,project charters, work breakdown structures and critical path analysis.
In addition to building their project management skills, the team enjoyed getting to know more about each other on both a personal and professional level through group exercises and classroom discussions.

read the CMCS Connections Newsletter here

Expert recommends 26 changes to fix mistaken inmate releases | FOX59



INDIANAPOLIS (September 21, 2014) — An outside expert has recommended more than two dozen changes to the way the Marion County Jail tracks inmates to eliminate the potential for inadvertent releases from custody.
Dr. Jon Padfield of Proffer Brainchild applied the Six Sygma analysis process to determine why ten offenders have been cut loose by mistake this year.


TechStuff - Biometrics Part 2 |



In Part 2 of the TechStuff Biometrics interview, Dr. Padfield and Jonathan Strickland of HowStuffWorks discuss future predictions as well as the implications of biometric technologies.


TechStuff - Biometrics Part 1 |



Atlanta, GA - Jonathan Strickland of HowStuffWorks interviews Dr. Jon Padfield about the basic concepts and common misconceptions of biometric technologies.


Purdue professor to aid Marion County jail |



INDIANAPOLIS - The Marion County sheriff's office is enlisting the help of a Purdue University expert to improve the county's court-processing system, which, sheriff's officials said, has caused the inadvertent release of inmates who were supposed to remain in jail.
Jon Padfield, a professor in the university's College of Technology, will meet with information technology experts and criminal justice professionals today Tuesday to begin discussing any improvements needed in the processing of inmate information.