Business Strategy Training Course

The Business Training workshop consists of a 1- day training class (approximately 6.5 hours with breaks).

Classes are available online and on-site.


Introduction: The meaning & purpose of "business".

Predicting the Future (Part I)

Case studies of failure & success (what went right or wrong)

Overview of the Traditional Strategic Management Process

Analyzing the external environment

  • Economic trends
  • Demographic trends
  • Social / Cultural trends
  • Technology trends

Analyzing the internal environment

  • Resources
  • Capabilities
  • Core Competencies

SWOT Analysis:

The 5 forces of competition

Competitive Assessments

Building & Maintaining Competitive Advantages

Business Strategies

  • "First Mover"
  • "Rapid Follower"
  • "Differentiation"
  • "Low Cost Leader"

Predicting the Future (Part II)

Trends in Business

  • Life expectancy of products, companies & CEOs
  • The rise of exponential technologies
  • New forms of business